Total Quality Philosophy of a Creative Hub source creative talent from a valued network

Total Quality Philosophy of a Creative Hub

Delivering high quality work with affordable pricing.

SR Media is a member of Cintrifuse, an entrepreneurial network in Cincinnati. To implement a total quality philosophy involving all creative services, SR Media sources creative talent from its network of valued independent contractors.

At my core, I’m a writer. I strive for my writing to ignite colleagues and clients. Sometimes, my writing is in support of client services. It’s often diverse including brand campaigns,  video scripts and marketing materials.

I’m also a long-form writer and my stories have been published in QZ/Atlantic Media, Fast Company and NY Mag. In long-form, I strive to advocate innovative work and provide thought leadership in the landscapes of business, culture, science and technology.

How can we collaborate? Let’s share ideas and discover.




  • Lead Naming Workshops 78%

  • Provide Project Management 100%

Creative Teams

Embrace new ideas from project designers, developers and researchers.

I treat each client project as an opportunity to discover new insights with leading designers, developers and researchers. I freely share ideas and experiences with team members and clients in order to ignite customer satisfaction.