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Storybuilding for Brands

Content Marketing

Brand Story Kits.

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Content Marketing

Events and Experiences Development/Management.

Directed marketing and strategic initiatives for over 20 events, including Procter & Gamble connect + develop summit, The Brewery District for the Brewing Heritage Trail, Blink Cincinnati Art + Light Festival, and more.


Organizational Positioning.

I am an astute content creator and organizational position expert that can take companies to the next level. My communication and organizational leadership skills would make me a valued partner.

Project Management

Project Development/Management.

I led creative teams to design, build, and implement interactive events, including PoD Discovery(s) podcast festival, and Good Discovery(s) civic design festival. Partnered with artists, agencies, corporations, no-profits, and startups to ensure projects were without issue.


Marketing/Brand Strategies..

Demonstrated history of capturing new markets through the development of innovative and well-researched marketing positioning strategies. Successful at working with diverse teams to develop comprehensive approaches to marketing plans.

Content Creation

Storybuilding for Authors.

SR Media Founder Steve Ramos designed and delivered content for a wide range of digital and print platforms. Created over 300 business, culture, science, and technology stories for major media brands, including ‘New York Magazine’ and ‘QZ/Atlantic Media.’ Crafted content, interviews, and storytelling to ‘Fast Company.’
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Content Creation

Storybuilding for Podcasts.

SR Media is a marketing studio providing content marketing, interactive design products, and storytelling services to clients. We’re proud to collaborate with Studio D, a Philadelphia-based podcast production studio specializing in the Launch, Production, Growth, and Recording of your podcast.
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Steve expertly builds out products and stories at high levels of exposure, organization, and professionalism. – Jessica Hemmer, CEO | Entrepreneur | Technologist.