Total Quality Philosophy Focus on Innovation and Frontier Technology. High Customer Satisfaction and Value. High-Quality Content.

Total Quality Philosophy

Steve Ramos Media is a manager of interactive design products.

The Steve Ramos Media team embraces the concept of a total quality philosophy by emphasizing ideas, insights, and inspirations around innovation, frontier technology, and disruption in the marketing and media sectors.

Our mission remains focused on customer satisfaction. We deliver customer satisfaction by building, designing, and implementing an annual podcast festival in Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as a yearly, civic design festival called Good Discovery(s).

The Steve Ramos Media team produces six meetups throughout the year in support of our podcast and Good Discovery(s) tribes.

The Steve Ramos Media team also provides podcast creation, production, and market delivery services.

The Steve Ramos Media team produces multiple podcasts, including Squirrel Stories and Good Discovery(s).




  • Content Strategy 100%

  • Product Management 90%


I hired Steve to help me with my company’s product launch at the 2018 Startup Grind Conference in Silicon Valley.

Steve was an instrumental part of the planning, creative, PR and messaging leading up to the launch and helped quarterback the run of the show. Steve’s wide-ranging talents really helped create buzz, consistent messaging, and a solid tactical plan that led to a great launch. Best of all, he’s a pleasure to work with. – Paolo Dominguez, CEO | Managing Partner | Entrepreneur