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Good Discovery(s) – Civic Design Festival – Year-Round Meetups – Podcasts

Good Discovery(s) is an interactive design product in the experience space that prioritizes purpose more than paychecks. That’s what sets us apart from design, marketing, and tech conferences with sessions on learning the latest Facebook algorithms. 

Good Discovery(s) civic design festival team.

The Good Discovery(s) festival is just one asset in a content ecosystem. There are digital assets, including website and two social media channels. There are free meetups throughout the year.

The core of Good Discovery(s) is a day-long festival experience offering four tracks with four sessions per track, three mainstage keynotes and an exhibition area featuring activations dedicated to social enterprise.

Good Discovery(s) connects attendees with presenting artists via brainstorms, interactive roundtables, and workshops. Our brainstorms, interactive roundtables, and workshops inspire attendees to utilize civic art, civic design, and civic tech.

The Good Discovery(s) podcast launches the third quarter of 2019. A progressive web app starts in the fourth quarter of 2019. Community blockchain technology will empower this progressive web app. All of these assets represent our concept of story building. Together, they powerfully connect members of our GD tribe.

The Good Discovery(s) team is diverse when it comes to gender, race, and age. We believe that a diverse team increases the chances of attracting a diverse community of customers and partners.

The Good Discovery(s) team embraces the spirit of a minimum viable product when it comes to materials and timelines. Our team is made up of entrepreneurs; so we naturally lean towards agile, lean and rapid design at the highest quality. Once you build an interactive design product in the spirit of a minimum viable product; you’re in a strong position to make the most of future budget increases.

SR Media and Sean C. Davis of Squirrel Stories are co-founders of the Cincinnati Podcast Festival and Good Discovery(s) civic design festival.

SR Media is based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

In order to implement a Total Quality Philosophy, SR Media sources creative talent from its network of valued, independent contractors.


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  • Copywriting 100%

Cincinnati Podcast Festival

The Cincinnati Podcast Festival team produces an annual podcast festival in Cincinnati, Ohio, as well as a yearly civic design festival called Good Discovery(s). The Cincy Podcast Festival team produces six meetups throughout the year in support of our podcast and Good Discovery(s) tribes.

The Cincy Podcast Festival team provides podcast creation, production, and market delivery services.

The Cincy Podcast Team produces multiple podcasts, including Squirrel Stories and Good Discovery(s).

Twitter: @CincyPodcast –  Facebook: Cincinnati Podcast Festival –  Website: